staggeringly good beer

15th May 2014

we are very pleased to introduce our new bottled beer ‘staggersaurus’.

it is a produce we are all really excited to be bringing onto our bar; the main reason being that is made completely and only with natural ingredients sourced in portsmouth.

a couple of other reasons we love our new beer:

  • each beer is bottled by hand
  • the beer is bottle conditioned. this means it naturally carbonates in the bottle and is as close to a hand pumped beer as you can get. basically each bottle is like a mini barrel.
  • it is one of a very select few bottled beers that are approved by CAMRA, the campaign for real ale.

we are keen for all beer lovers to give it a try, as we love to support our own community and give a big thumbs up to joe and the team at staggeringly good beer!

bring on the summer!