bye bye jess!

13th March 2015

today is jess’ last day with us 🙁

she joined us at the american bar in 2003 as an innocent young teenager, never intending to make a career out of it, flying off to Greece when she had saved enough money.

by 2007, she had had enough, and returned to Portsmouth and  in turn, to us.

by 2008, she was a key member of the team as we revamped to become the abarbistro. she soon took on a keyholder role and has worked full time and part time ever since. three years ago, she produced the beautiful mya with our kitchens very own chef leo.

jess has never been shy of rolling up her sleeves and getting stuck in.

we thank you for all your dedication and commitment you have given is, and for being part of the team that has created this successful and locally iconic business.

we wish you all the luck in your new career and look forward to receiving myas application form in the years to come!