what a fishy affair

12th February 2014

just thought we’d do a quick post on our infamous fishy fridays.

as most of you know, on the first friday of every month (bar december) we host a quick turnaround event we call ‘fishy friday’. it’s something we’ve been doing for the last five years and we love it!

from 5pm-6.30pm, we serve only our award winning fish ‘n’ chips & a dessert of choice, one that varies each month and changes seasonally also. our normal menu resumes at 7pm, but during that hour and a half, everyone enjoys the simplicity and britishness that fishy friday personifies.

fishy friday is an early evening event that brings out everyone- the young, the old, families, children, friends and colleagues and is something which we are all proud of and enjoy being a part of each month. so if you enjoy a good fish ‘n’ chips, paired with some tasty condiments, our delicious tartare being our favourite, don’t hesitate to give us a call and get yourself booked in on one of the nine events left this year!

we look forward to seeing you.