We’re delighted to be open again.

To make a booking, phone us on 02392811585.

While we’re excited to be open, our number one commitment remains the welfare of our customers and staff, as we all take these first steps together. We want you to have a great abarbistro experience, and we want to help you do this with confidence.

As much as we are looking forward to seeing you, please do not attend if you or any of your household are suffering any of the recognised COVID-19 symptoms. These include a fever, a persistent cough and a loss of taste and/or smell. Also, please to not attend it you have been advised to self-isolate by the NHS track and trace professionals.  By booking a table you are confirming that you agree to these conditions and that you will follow our social distancing rules.

When you make a booking, you will be asked for your contact telephone number and email address. (for track and trace purposes).

If you need to cancel your reservation, we would appreciate 24 hours’ notice by calling 023 92 811585.


Keep us all safe:

What we need from you to keep us all safe:

Indoors, we welcome tables of maximum 6 from one household (including bubbles)

Outdoors, we welcome tables of maximum 6 from different households.

If we could kindly ask you to pay using card we would be most grateful. If cash is handled by staff we have asked them to wash their hands after handling cash.

Keep us all safe

What we will being doing to keep us all safe:

We have removed some tables and changed the layout to ensure all tables are at least 1 metre apart plus an additional measures such as ensuring you will be back to back with other guests.

On arrival inside Abarbistro, please use the hand sanitiser provided and again on leaving.

Only one person is allowed in the toilet area at a time.

No movement from your table is permitted, apart from going to the toilet.

Customers sitting in the bistro and on the terrace will use the “Baby changing” toilet.

Customers sitting in the garden, conservatory and bar will use the main toilets.

After washing your hands when leaving the toilet, please pick up a paper towel to open the toilet door, and dispose of this in the bin provided outside the toilet.

Keep us all safe

Nobody will be allowed to stand at the bar or order at the bar.

We will be keeping our doors and windows open as much as possible so please bring an extra jumper. Also, please do not use our coat hooks please place your coat on the back of your chair.

We will have a heightened level of ongoing cleaning at all times, ensuring all hand contact surfaces are regularly sanitised.  All tables and chairs will be sanitised after every use.

We can’t wait to meet up with you again!